JMLord, Inc. was formed in 1976 by Joe Lord to provide complete agronomic, engineering, and environmental consulting services. JMLord is a highly mobile and responsive firm of engineers and scientists with expertise in civil, hydrological and agricultural engineering, practical agronomy, soil and plant science, computer science and management. The multi-disciplined personnel form a team which provides professional services tailor-made for nearly any agricultural project.

In addition to providing the professional services of certified crop advisors (CCAs), agronomist, pest control advisors (PCAs) and professional engineers (PEs), JML also operates a complete agronomic laboratory. Samples tested include complete soil, water, plant materials, manure and waste water testing. The work output of this laboratory is one of the fastest growing areas of JMLord, Inc. The laboratory is used not only by our staff of scientists, but other consultants and farm managers.

JMLord offers detailed services for investigation of agricultural, hydrological and engineering projects, providing development plans and supervising construction and contract performance.

JMLord provides professional services which include: water management and conjunctive use studies; irrigation and drainage system design; climate, soil and crop surveys; land reclamation and crop development plans. The scientists and engineers at JMLord have been working intensively with water management and production agriculture in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Oregon for twenty years.

JMLord is extremely responsive due to our extensive use of computers and custom software. One of these, is a highly flexible computer model which JMLord developed to schedule irrigations on variable soils in diverse cropping situations. This computer program has proven itself on numerous occasions to be a highly effective production improvement tool, as well as one that conserves water and energy through irrigation management.

JMLord differs from many organizations in that our expertise stems not only from theoretical knowledge, but also from the practical application and on-site management of production and engineering situations.

Service Categories

The following are specific services for which JMLord is prepared to submit qualifications.



            Irrigation and water district support services

            Well design and groundwater development schemes

            Conservation programs and drainage reduction

            Conjunctive use studies



        Irrigation system planning, design and bidding services

        Drainage system planning, design, and bidding services

        Farm and field layout

        BioMass energy studies

        Animal Waste Management



            Agricultural System Analysis
            Grower Training Program

            Water use Annual Assessments



        Fertility management services

        Irrigation scheduling and water management

        Pest and insect monitoring and control programs

        Cultivation and tillage programs



        Cropping selection and forage management plans

        Land reclamation programs

        Crop yield and production studies

        Training and technical support



        Land classification and soil surveys

        Water and energy use studies

        GIS and Database Development and Management



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