Date: Mar 18, 2018

The ETp for today in the Fresno area is expected to be 0.12 inches of water. The forecast ETp for the next seven days in the Fresno area is 0.99 inches of water. The actual ETp for the past 7 days through Mar 17,2018 , for various locations in the San Joaquin Valley is as follows:

Fresno 0.83
Firebaugh 0.77
Five Points 0.92
Merced 0.69
Panoche Water District 0.68
Parlier 0.70
Shafter 0.83
Stratford 0.95
Tranquility 0.85

By multiplying the ETP by the appropriate crop coefficients, you get specific crop water use in inches per day. The crop coefficients for the next 7 days in the Fresno area are as follows:

Alfalfa 1.00
Almonds 0.25
Citrus 0.60
Garlic 0.63
Grapes 0.15
Grass 1.00
Onions 0.46
Wheat 0.88
Stone Fruit 0.25

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