Since 1976, JMLord, Inc. has provided consultants and growers with fast and accurate analyses of soil, water, and plant tissue for optimum crop management, with services to clients in California and Western states as well as internationally.



JMLord, Inc’s projects encompass civil and agricultural engineering services as well as environmental sciences.


The heart of JmLord, Inc’s agronomic services is a complete agricultural laboratory operated exclusively for JMLord, Inc clients.


JMLord Inc. is home to one of the most trusted agricultural laboratories in the state.


JMLord, Inc. now offers a comprehensive monitoring program designed to help dairymen monitor their waste streams.

Pest Monitoring

Irrigation Scheduling

Proper water management is required for Optimum Yield. It has been shown that crop yield is directly related to Evapotranspiration.


JMLord, Inc. was formed in 1976 by Joe Lord to provide complete agronomic, engineering, and environmental consulting services. JMLord is a highly mobile and responsive firm of engineers and scientists with expertise in civil, hydrological and agricultural engineering, practical agronomy, soil and plant science, computer science and management. The multi-disciplined personnel form a team which provides professional services tailor-made for nearly any agricultural project.