Staff expertise includes the following License/Certifications: Professional Engineers, Pest Control Advisor, Certified Crop Advisor, Certified Landscape Auditor, Certified Agricultural Irrigation Evaluator, NRCS Technical Service Provider (TSP), and Certified Pump Tester.


JMLord, Inc’s projects encompass civil and agricultural engineering services as well as environmental sciences. Engineering services range from planning and feasibility studies through design, preparation of bill of materials, bidding and contract documents to construction monitoring and as built drawings. We employ and develop computer aided drawings (CAD) and Geographic Information System (GIS) and rely on all major digital graphic systems.

The primary focus of our engineering services have been on water and energy use in agriculture. JMLord, Inc. has conducted numerous studies funded by private, institutional and governmental organizations. One such grant covered two years and collected specific field and crop data on energy and water use on 46,000 acres of highly productive lands in the San Joaquin Valley.

An important aspect of irrigation development and management is groundwater and associate well and pump design. Well performance and pumping plant efficiency are the products of scientific principles and the results of engineering design. JMLord, Inc’s thirty plus years of experience with groundwater and its conjunctive use gives them the practical foundation to design and evaluate groundwater irrigation systems.

Another major aspect of Engineering in production agriculture is drainage. Long term irrigation of agricultural land requires adequate drainage. A majority of lands in the San Joaquin Valley have imperfect drainage and are, or will be subject to becoming water logged and chemical unproductive. JMLord, Inc. has more than thirty years of experience in design, installation, and management of agricultural drainage systems in the San Joaquin Valley and they were the originator of “controlled drainage” using Dozer Valves and Irrigation Management.


The heart of JMLord, Inc’s agronomic services is a complete agricultural laboratory operated exclusively for JMLord, Inc clients. This laboratory with documented reliability and unparalleled turn around, analyzes soils, plant tissue and irrigation water. Using computers and the internet, the laboratory can provide accurate data and detailed reports with specific crop recommendations.

Our “Fertility Management Service” is a unique soil fertility and plant nutrition program. It combines timely laboratory data with documented production records and experienced field observations to produced a successful crop management program. We apply two basic concepts; first is a prognostic approach which addresses potential fertility problems before they exist, and second is a diagnostic approach which evaluates how effective the fertilizer inputs have been. These approaches translate into timely and well structured soil, plant tissue and water analysis laboratory services.

Soil/land reclamation is another agronomic service we provide. Our professional staffs’ qualifications represent years of production agriculture experience in managing the physical and chemical properties of soils. Soils can be modified and amended to improve the environment for agriculture production. Through properly placed amendments, designed land preparation, selected cropping and water applications we have successfully helped to improve production on thousands of acres in California.

Another aspect of JMLord, Inc’s agronomic service are land use studies and cropping suitability. This typically begins with grid sampling a three to five foot soil profile for definition of chemical and physical properties at the various depths of the projected root zone. Backhoe pits are also employed in selected situations. These profile investigations are coupled with laboratory analysis of the irrigation water and any groundwater encountered, and a complete assessment of the project’s water supply. Our agronomic and engineering staff works closely together in determining the need and cost of land preparation and in selecting the irrigation system.

JMLord, Inc’s professional services are all directed toward production agriculture. These are predicated on timely fields visits by knowledgeable, trained and qualified staff. Field interaction with our client base cannot be over emphasized as well as the practical experience our organization. Many of the services we offer are based on more than thirty years of consulting with production agriculture.


Dairy Monitoring Program

JMLord, Inc. now offers a comprehensive monitoring program designed to help dairymen monitor their waste streams. In the eye of ever-increasing regulatory inspection, maintaining a solid, reliable monitoring program is more important than ever. JMLord, Inc’s program incorporates the following:

  • Initial survey of your site, including soil and water testing
  • Ongoing monitoring of water, via monitoring wells
  • Ongoing monitoring of soils for nitrates, salinity, and other constituents as needed

This monitoring information can serve two purposes: First, for the regulatory reporting and compliance. Second, for the nutrient management information it supplies. The soil nitrate and EC tests can also be used to develop fertilizer requirements for your crops.

JMLord, Inc. is working with various dairy organizations as well as the regulatory agencies to ensure that the program we develop for you will be efficient, complete, and cost effective to agricultural propducers. To get a detailed briefing on our dairy monitoring program, simply call our office, and ask for Carter Pierce. He will be more than happy to show you what JMLord, Inc. has to offer.

JMLord Inc. has been helping agriculture producers for over 20 years, and will continue to do so well into the 21st century.


JMLord Inc. is home to one of the most trusted agricultural laboratories in the state. Our chemists and technicians perform laboratory analysis for clients ranging from smaller family owned and operated farms and ranches, to some of the largest and well known names in agriculture.

We know you need results that are both accurate and timely. Some laboratories offer rapid turnaround, while others offer accurate analysis. We have decided to offer both: accurate analysis and a rapid turnaround time. JMLord Inc’s laboratory is a participant in the North American Proficiency Testing Program and is certified through the Manure Analysis Proficiency (MAP) program. Our efficient sample handling process allows us to offer turnarounds that are routinely much shorter than our quoted five day turnaround.

Laboratory Certification History:

  • North American Proficiency Testing (NAPT) program; 1988 – 2015; soil and plant sample analysis; quarterly testing.
  • Agricultural Inter-Laboratory Proficiency (ALP) program; since 2008; soil, water, and plant sample analysis; testing three times per year.
  • Manure Analysis Proficiently (MAP) program; since 2008; testing twice per year.

Weather and Water


A major key to water conservation is having accurate information and good advice to make sound water management decisions. At JMLord, Inc., we use the latest technology and time honored methods to provide accurate information in a useful format for our clients. Using our state of the art soil moisture sensor, we are able to take moisture measurements at multiple depths, throughout the soil profile, providing an accurate picture of the amount of water available to the plant. We understand that data is only as useful as its interpretation and we provide over 20 years of experience in irrigation scheduling on production agriculture in Central and Southern California.

Along with using the latest in technology, we also know how to get our hands “dirty”. Our qualified consultants are able to combine scientific instrumentation with field observations and the good old fashioned Lord soil probe in order to provide comprehensive irrigation recommendations.

JMLord, Inc. is a proven leader in irrigation water conservation. We value hard work and innovative problem solving. Our services have produced proven water savings to California growers, water districts and have been approved by the Bureau of Reclamation.

Water Calculator

Proper water management is required for Optimum Yield. It has been shown that crop yield is directly related to Evapotranspiration. Evapotranspiration is the water used by plants and depends on many things including weather conditions and the crop stage. JMLord, Inc. has developed a simple Water Calculator to provide to growers a quick and easy methodology to obtain environmental data from CIMIS stations over the internet. With just the click of the mouse, Evapotranspiration Reference Data from any of the 200 CIMIS sites (one near you) is automatically obtained for your immediate and specific needs. Included in the program are standard Crop Factors which are fully customizable. The program allows calculation of your particular crop water consumption and includes the ability to predict water needs for irrigation scheduling. To get a detailed briefing on our programs, simply call our office, and ask for Steve Schmidt. He will be more than happy to show you what JMLord, Inc. has to offer.