10 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What part of the plant should I sample?

We can provide sampling guides and information on a wide array of crops (check out our on-line guides).

2. How much sample do you need?

Plant tissue (See Plant Tissue guideline)
Soil: 500 grams (See Soil Sampling guideline)
Water: 250 mls (See Water Sampling guideline)

3. Do I need to refrigerate my samples?

Plant: Samples should not be allowed to dry out. If you are unable to get the samples to the lab the same day, then they should be refrigerated.
Water: Samples should always be kept cool in transport to the lab.
Soils: Refrigerate only those samples that will be taken in for Nematode testing.

4. How should I ship my samples?

Plant: Samples should be shipped in paper bags and if you are shipping across country please use express shipping to ensure sample freshness. Please do not use plastic or zip-lock bags, tissue samples tend to acquire mold.

Soil: Soils can be shipped in zip-lock or paper bags. However, if the soils are moist, please use zip-lock as paper bags tend to dissolve. Also, please use packing material to keep samples in place.

Water: Please use plastic containers and place water bottles in zip-lock bags in case leakage at the cap occurs.

5. How early/late can samples be dropped off?

Company office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Samples may be dropped off at 7 a.m. Please call for any samples to be dropped off after 5 p.m. We do provide a locked drop-box in the back parking lot and a key may be provided to you. We also have sample drop locations in Hanford and Selma as well as staff, out in various locations everyday, who may be able to meet you out in the field. Please call for further information (559) 268-9755.

6. Do you provide bags, bottles and labels?

Yes! Paper bags, bottles and labels can be picked up at our laboratory or we can ship them to you. Call in advance for large orders.

If you chose to use your own water bottles, it is okay to use plastic drinking water bottles but, please refrain from using soda and juice bottles.

7. When will I receive my results?

Plant: 1 working day
Soil: 2 working days
Water: 1 working day

We guarantee results in 5 business days.

8. Who can I talk to about my results?

JMLord, Inc. can provide agronomic consultation and/or laboratory staff can answer analysis questions you may have.

9. What report formats are available?

JMLord, Inc. can provide specialized reporting services as well as an array of pre-existing formats from which you may chose. Reports can be mailed, faxed and e-mailed.

10. Can I get a discount?

Discounts are decided on a volume and test package basis. Please call for further details (559) 268-9755.